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A Passivhaus is not just for Christmas

Exciting news just before Christmas for our lovely clients in Purley, South London as we obtained planning approval for their new highly sustainable home, which will also aspire to be a Certified Passivhaus.

Upon meeting Deborah and Clinton earlier this year, it became evident that the consent they had obtained for a replacement dwelling didn't align with their core objectives. It’s always a delight to work with clients whose sustainable aspirations transcend just operational energy. Their vision encompasses creating a truly sustainable home which minimises embodied carbon, fosters a stronger connection to nature, reuses rainwater and generates renewable energy.

In showcasing our design to the local authority, we not only demonstrated its potential to enhance the built environment but also secured a new consent for a profoundly sustainable project across various levels. Remarkably, we achieved more within a smaller floor area, significantly reducing the anticipated construction costs. This case serves as a fantastic testament to the principle that 'less is more'.

This project stands as a shining example of how a genuinely sustainable blueprint for a new home can elevate its quality and deliver substantial value at every level - for the client, the surrounding context and the planet, without any compromises. We are thrilled to be bringing this to life for them in 2024.

No matter where you are with your project, we’re eager to talk and to help you work out how we can align your objectives to enhance your projects potential. Please get in touch.

Purley Passivhaus, our latest Passivhaus planning approval, this time a highly sustainable home all round.


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