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This is us

This is our 'Why'

Habitat+ was created to make a difference. We want to be part of the solution for a brighter future for our children. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to crafting extraordinary buildings that offer incredible spaces for living, working, and learning, ultimately supporting everyone in their journey to thrive.

Our Core Values


At the core of everything we do, we want our work to make a difference and have a positive impact on our environment.


We bring creative solutions to every design challenge, ensuring we get the most out of each project.


One size does not fit all and we use our knowledge and experience to find better ways of designing. 


We want each and every client to have an exceptional time working with us. Clear and honest communication is fundamental to how we work. 


We are deeply committed to doing what we say we will do, consistently over time. We are real people, making real buildings, for real life.

Sustainability at our heart

Passive House & Low Energy

We are experts in low energy design and are Certified Passive House designers. We can give you the best advice to minimise the impacts of your project.

Biodiversity & Ecology

How our buildings interact with the natural world is key to minimising the environmental impact. 


The materials and components we specify in every project have a big impact on the environmental performance of the building. We consider sourcing, ethics, transport, recycling and lifespan of every part of each building. 

Day to day

We strive to minimise our energy use and operational carbon in our day-to-day business. Minimising paper use, travel and energy use are all considered. 

It's personal

Our goal is to lead sustainable lives and we strive to extend our company ethos into our personal lives.

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