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This matters.

The environment and climate are at the heart of what we do.  That's why we place sustainability at the core of all our projects.

Passivhaus is a powerful tool for designing buildings that are intrinsically sustainable, minimising the day to day energy consumption.

The Passivhaus standard minimises energy demand, improves occupant health and well-being, helps meet climate targets, achieves a greater quality of construction and offers commercial benefits to owners, employers and lenders.

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What is PassivHaus?

What is Passive House?

Ultra low energy buildings which look and feel great

Passivhaus is an internationally recognised comfort and energy building standard which uses passive, low-tech techniques to drastically reduce, or eliminate, the need for space heating.

Passivhaus principles include significant levels of insulation, high air-tightness, triple glazing, minimal thermal bridges and mechanical ventilation and heat recovery to provide an exceptionally healthy and comfortable indoor environment with low running costs.
insulation (white).png

High level of continuous insulation 

reflection white.png

High level of Airtightness

transfer (white).png

Reduced thermal bridges

window (white).png

Triple glazed windows, focused on the views.

fan white.png

Efficient background ventilation with heat recover (MVHR).

sun white.png

Orientated for passive solar gain, whilst maximising views.


Our Approach

Imagine a building that offers both beauty and comfort, promoting health while operating at an ultra-low energy level.

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The Passivhaus principles can be applied to any building type. With our design led approach, we integrate Passivhaus principles to create beautiful low energy buildings.


We have successfully designed buildings that meet the Passivhaus principles within Conservation Areas, adjacent to Listed buildings, on sites with challenging constraints and integrated modular construction methods.



Passive House standard buildings

EnerPHit standard buildings


Passivhaus Benefits


Payback period as little as 8 years


5-7% higher property value


Up to 90% reduction in energy costs


Comfortable, constant temperature all year 


Greater energy 



Pollutant & pollen free internal environment


Download our guide to discover how we can assist you in shaping your own Passivhaus design.

Our Passivhaus services

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