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Passivhaus Masterclass

It was an absolute pleasure to present the master class: ‘Introduction to Passivhaus’ at the recent Homebuilding & Renovating Show.

In our action-packed overview of the origins, principles and benefits of Passivhaus, we were delighted to see such an engaged audience. It was great to be able to demonstrate how at Habitat+ Architects Ltd we use Passivhaus to complement and enhance a design, and how we bring to life sustainable architecture with a wow-factor, creating beautiful healthy, low energy homes, which is clearly important to so many people.

There were some brilliant questions from our engaged audience, such as ‘how do I use Passivhaus on a north facing site?’, and ‘what do I do if I’m already progressed with my design but now see the benefit of incorporating the principles of Passivhaus?’. Well, we had answers for those and many others and look forward to working with them to demonstrate this.

My favourite benefit of Passivhaus is still the payback period, which Passivhaus Trust research shows to be far less than many people think. Learn more here:

If you would like to talk about your project and how we can help maximise its potential, we’d love to talk, so please get in touch.


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