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The Willows, Upton upon Severn

Contemporary extension and reimagining of a heritage building


Pre-fabricated timber frame


Low energy home refurbishment

Typical of many homes, this original small two-storey cottage in Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire had previously been extended haphazardly resulting in an internal layout which no longer functioned. The aspiration was to reimagine the house to create a modern living space for their family.


The current building was consolidated, removing some of the extensions that had led to poor quality internal spaces. Next the ground floor was rearranged to create a series of separate but connected family spaces allowing the family to undertake individual activities or come together. Designed around maximising open space and daylight, the plan was designed around the beautiful rear aspect with the large back garden and far-reaching views. A new contrasting element was constructed sitting alongside the existing house and created a new kitchen and family room, as well as a bespoke master bedroom suite.


The extension was constructed with a highly insulated timber frame and new windows throughout improved the thermal performance of the house dramatically. The new two-storey extension was clad simply in timber with carefully considered but simple detailing to give the new addition a clear contrast with the original brick cottage. A first-floor link was inset and clad with metal cladding to further enhance the juxtaposition of the two primary elements.

The design has radically changed how our client is able to use and enjoy the house, and demonstrates a superb example of sustainably reusing and enhancing an existing building.

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