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Planning for EnerPHit

Exciting News! We've just been granted planning permission for a fantastic project: transforming a 1980's bungalow into an EnerPHit standard retrofit! Here's why this is a BIG deal:

Sustainable Future: By upgrading this home to EnerPHit standards, we're taking a giant leap toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. Reduced energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and improved energy efficiency are just the beginning!

Comfort & Health: This retrofit will ensure unparalleled comfort for our client. Say goodbye to drafts and temperature fluctuations, and hello to consistent, comfortable living spaces. Plus, the improved indoor air quality will promote better health and well-being.

Energy Savings: Lower energy bills? Yes, please! With EnerPHit, we'll significantly cut the energy costs by reducing heat loss, making it easier to afford the cost of heating and the environment simultaneously.

Increased Property Value: This project will not only make an existing building more efficient but also more valuable. EnerPHit-certified homes are in high demand, and their resale value tends to be higher.

Ugly house to Lovely House: Not only will the project create a comfortable, health low energy home but it takes a rather ugly 1980's bungalow and transforms it into something beautiful.

Leading by Example: We're excited to inspire our community and showcase the possibilities of sustainable living. We hope this EnerPHit project will inspire others to make eco-conscious choices for their homes too.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this remarkable journey! If you want to discuss a new Passivhaus home, or an energy-efficient retrofit of your existing building, then please get in touch.


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