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PAD - a spectacular transformation

Today marks a milestone in our journey with Lingfield College as the transformation of the monolithic Performing Arts and Dining building begins. This project is part of a carefully considered master plan to fundamentally transform the way the building and surrounding campus functions while creating a welcoming and dynamic vista.

Over the next six months the building will be redressed while the senior school kitchen and dining space are transformed. A new inviting entrance will be created, while the dining hall is redesigned to become a multi-purpose venue for hosting events and providing alternative study and meeting spaces. A potential later phase could see this space eventually link through the ‘Street’, to the Performing Arts areas, including a refurbished and upgraded multi-use auditorium for the music, drama and dance faculties.

We are excited to see this project become a physical manifestation of the high-quality teaching and pastoral care for which the college is renowned. Watch this space for updates as the transformation unfolds over the next few months.


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